Parent´s Role in Child´s Education Essay

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1.) Lack of mathematical aptitude among students

This can be attributed to the extensive use of technology that the students are prone to in their growing years, when their brain is in development stage, well when I was a child most of the work that I did was in a hands on manner that helped me scrutinize solutions, come up with different approaches myself before discussing it out with my peers. Albeit, technology has empowered mankind with multiple indispensable tools, but still a human must do the most rudimentary tasks like arithmetic, algebra, and other math subjects in a hands on manner as students have been found taking a prohibitively long time doing fundamental operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division which is something unacceptable. In short, using an iPad or a calculator to do this fundamental stuff just doesn't make sense.

2.) Parent's role in education

Parent's role is pivotal in a child's education, In this fast paced world parents don't take the pain to get involved in their child's study and rather push him to join those filthy tutoring sessions as they are willing to spend more but devote less unaware of the fact that parents are the best source for a child's learning, children grab much more from their parents as compared to some other person. Hence a continued involvement and helping their children out is what is desired out of parents. Its always pleasing to see a dad helping out his daughter/son with his math…