Parents Should Be A Good Parent

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Through the entire interview process, four of the eleven participants, two males, one was in the younger age group and the other was in the older age group, and two females, again with one from each group, explicitly said what my research has explained: children raised by gay parents learn to become more open towards others than children raised by straight parents. All of the participants gave answers that aligned with my research on the kind of parent a child needs and what a healthy household consists of. Each contributor believed that love and support, as well as a handful of other qualities leads to a well-developed child. The handful of qualities mentioned by informants were: stable, mature, and responsible. Informants believe a parent should be someone who is capable of caring for someone else. No one mentioned a single thing about the sexual orientation required to be a good parent; society does not take sexual orientation into consideration when describing who could be a good parent.
To contrast what I found in researching to what I found informants had to say, two interviewees depicted gay parenting as “not the norm”, or “not normal in today’s society”, both from the younger age group, one female and one male. Moreover, men tended to suppose that a child having gay parents will be “predisposed” to “gay tendencies” and will therefore become confused with their sexual orientation or may lean towards more “gay tendencies”. Of all the men who thought this, two of them
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