Parents Should Encourage Their Children

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Parents dream of popularity, college scholarships, and professional athleticism lead them into blindly pushing their children into misery. In an article written by Baldwin Ellis, he suggests that an array of emotional issues can stem from this type of parenting (Ellis,2015). The act of pushing may, in fact, encourage the child to perform at a level less than their actual potential. Kathryn Hatler of Demand Media sites that many parents live their lives vicariously through their children (Hatler,n.d.). Very little facts are given on the positive effects of parents pushing their children in any activity so why is it so prominent in our society today? Parents should encourage their children in the sport of the child’s choosing rather than push them beyond the child’s desires.

A study conducted by Aries Apparel suggests that nearly 18 million kids play organized sports each year (Lee,2015). With correct leadership,the benefits of participation begin to show in childhood and continually appear into adulthood. During adolescents, organized sports enable individuals to exude good sportsmanship, self-discipline, social skills, teamwork abilities, as well as better health initiatives( Ireland,2015 ). These skills are key components in the development of character and the ability to socially function in society as an adult. For instance, when a child can control their emotions, exuding good sportsmanship, it gives insight into how they will cope with situations later in life.…
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