Parents Should Go To College

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College For students of the Serena High School community to succeed in their life, parents should encourage their kids to go to college, by talking with them, setting up a college savings account and by planning college visits. By talking to kids, saving money, and planning visits, this will hopefully promote their children to attend college. Millions of students each year go off to college and many of them move away from their home, living in a dorm or apartment. -There are also millions of students that do not attend college after their high school graduation. To promote students to go to college Serena High School parents should talk to their kids about attending college. Arizona Expect notes that, “While many parents know that college should be a priority in their home, others are not sure when and how early to start talking to their kids about continuing their education after high school. The simple answer is it is never too early to start creating a college going culture in your home” (Expect Arizona 1). The parents can begin by sitting down with there children and talking about the different options. There are many different options and schools that student’s can choose from. There are many different types of schools that they can go to such: as a two-year community college, technical schools, and four-year Universities. Parent’s can begin by asking where their children want to attend school and try to figure out what the best fit would be for them. Do they want to

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