Parents Should Keep Their Children

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In today’s western society, children have been taken less serious and are monitored at all times. They do not get the alone time that they so desperately need in order to grow into a more independent person. When the parent does let their child explore by themselves, they are regarded as irresponsible and negligent. When in fact being overprotective can actually hurt how the child learns and adapt. Parents should teach their children how to be safe on their own and what to do in case of an emergency. Letting them have earn this freedom can help them grow into strong confident adults. Parents should allow their children more freedom outside, less supervision, and an opportunity to be more independent and have responsibilities as the United States as a whole is much safer than it has ever been before
When it comes to western society as a whole, parents tend to always want to be with children to make sure that they are never in danger. Always being with their children can actually have a negative effect on the kids themselves. As they grow older they want more control over their own bodies and to start to do activities independently. However, when a parent notices that they are trying to be independent they do not take it seriously and shrug it off. Actions like this can belittle the child into thinking they can not do tasks on their own. Simple tasks like letting them run up to the convenience store by themselves or walk home from school are now considered irresponsible acts…
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