Parents: They Are, God's Blessing?

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Parents. They are, indeed, God’s blessing. The blessing not everyone is blessed with, with some people leading up to be orphans or home-less. However, everyone is blessed with parents. While everyone may not have been able to meet their parents, but majority of us are blessed with wonderful parental units, in the form of ‘Moms’ and ‘Dads.’ Majority of the individuals want to turn up to be just like their parents, be it daughters willing to grow up to be like their moms or, sons willing to grow up to be like their dads. Same case may apply for the opposite gender. Parents are, in short, role models for their kids. They are a gateway of wisdom and sophisticated upbringing (for those who are blessed with wonderful parents).

If I talk about my parents, they are the joy of my life, to put it simple. I am a reflection of what my parents have raised me up to be. My parents have always set the bar straight, abiding by sheer honesty and integrity and promoting the love for knowledge and wisdom, rather than debauchery and mischievousness. They have enjoined utter trust on myself, as a son, which I absolutely fathom. They have lead a life of simplicity and hard work and do
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Despite of them being there for you, no entity in this world wants you to become more successful than their own selves, except for your own parents. Which is why making my parents proud is the ultimate goal of my life. I want to give them back, or at least try to, for the efforts they have made, for the sacrifices they have had to endure, for the backlash they have had to face while raising me, in the way they did, for the entire journey of 21 years of my life. I sincerely thank my parents for each and every thing they have done for me and that they are the most dearest blessing, in this world, to me, in this life, and I will make it my life’s goal to stand by my parents at all phases of
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