Parents Working Abroad and They Effects on Their Children

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Better job opportunities and higher pay overseas have urged many Filipinos to work abroad and leave their families for years. In fact, way back in 2006 alone, 1.5 million Filipino workers were deployed to various parts of the globe. So, a number children these days experience the absence of fathers or mothers, who tend to come home only once in every two to three years. The situation is far from normal and is more-likely to cause a huge impact on the mental and emotional well-being of the children. The increasing amount of absentee parents becomes more alarming because without them, discipline is not enforced at home.
Fortunately, according to surveys, more Filipino children have been able to cope up with the absence of their fathers,
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When questioned, the child may disclose worries about parents or other family members getting hurt or killed, and may feel responsible for protecting them from harm. Kids are also very perceptive to what a parent at home is feeling. For example when a mother is distressed when her husband is going away, these feelings may consciously or subconsciously trouble children.
According to most experts, separation anxiety is a natural event in human development. Fears and anxieties among children arenormal, common and passing reactions to a variety of situations.
But separation anxiety may be much more apparent in cases where one of the parents has to leave home for long periods of time to work a b r o a d , “ E m o t i o n a l hardship” and “difficulties in social adjustment” are some of the effects on children left behind by Filipino migrant parents or OFW parents, as evidenced by two research studies on migrant families. Although it was not specified in the s t u d i e s , S A D w o u l d probably be part of the “ e m ot i o n a l h a rd s h i p ” mentioned.
S.A.D. Signs & Symptoms
Does your child hover around you like a shadow? Does he or she refuse to let you go out without her? Does she get upset or refuse to go to school or a friend’s house without you? Your child may suffer from Separation Anxiety.
In some cases the child may simply refuse to leave the house. When it’s time to leave for school, the child may complain of a
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