Essay on Parents are Responsible for their Children's Diet

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Childhood obesity is a complicated topic and is complicated to pinpoint what the exact cause is, some of the major factors that contribute to childhood obesity are lack of exercise in their daily lives, poor nutrition, and eating habits; and lack of education among parents to safely help their children live a healthier life. Childhood obesity poses a serious threat to the health of our nation, children these days have little to none outdoors activities. Lack of physical activity found to be a significant factor in contributing to childhood obesity. It is very probable that the only outdoors activity that children have now is a P.E. class at school if the school offers it. It doesn’t help that most schools in the United States have had…show more content…
They also spend a considerable amount of time talking on the phone to friends or reading books”. Therefore these type of activities replace any physical activity that children can participate in. The lack of exercise doesn’t just affect their internal being but it also affects their external being as well. Lack of exercise can cause serious health issues. Our children have been greatly affected by lack of exercise. Among all effects of lack of exercise, obesity is primary. Because of the lack of exercise in children, child hood obesity has increased and will continue to increase as time goes by. Children and adolescents who are obese are at greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and social and psychological problems such poor self-esteem and also more serious problem like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases a very early age. The article states, “The high prevalence of teasing by family members, peers and teachers requires education on the mistreatment of obese children. There is a need to protect the psychosocial and physical well-being of obese children”. Obese children are often teased because of their weight causing them to get depressed and sometimes they cope with this by eating unhealthy but comforting types of food. The need has never been greater to support healthy eating and
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