Paris, France, And The City Of Light

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For the past two centuries, Paris, France has been known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There have been countless amounts of literature and poetry written on the subject, and the world has universally acknowledged the allure and elegance of the city. The architecture of the city is world renowned and the greenery is breathtaking. There are large parks full of families and young couples, and with all the incredible museums and art galleries, Paris is not a city devoid of culture, from which the very successful tourism business flourishes. It is often referred to as a “City of Light”, which is an indicator of the popular nightlife. However, Paris is probably most well-known for its fashion and cuisine industries. Top brands from all over the world have their headquarters in the city, and many famous designers come from there. Many styles and trends find their origin in Paris. The food is also a huge industry in Paris, with the city crawling with the finest chefs. The general atmosphere is so dreamy and elegant, with the various landmarks and the gorgeous sights. I would take an American Airlines plane to France, on a nonstop flight. Using American Airlines would be cheaper than most other airlines, though I would be sacrificing quality of travel. A nine and a half hour flight from Dallas to Paris Nonstop would cost about $2,184. I would stay in the L 'Hotel, a famous hotel, which was once the home of Oscar Wilde. It is incredibly elegant with brilliant

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