Paris : The City Of Food

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Paris: The City of Food The country of France is an old one. Spanning into the early years of mankind. Part of the continent of Europe, located in the northeast of the globe. France is home to the history of food, wars, lifestyles, and many other things. In this old country stands the capital it calls its own: Paris; A popular tourist destination and the home of great cuisines and restaurants. Paris could be defined in its three characteristics: the history, the Eiffel tower, and its food scene. Many strive to understand the city of Paris and its inner workings. Myself included as I wish to understand the area of a place I strive to visit one day. And what best way to understand anything, then to start at its beginning. The story of Paris starts before the beginning of man’s recorded time. Dating back to somewhere between 250 and 200 B.C. members of the Parisii tribe founded a village on an island by the river that would become Ile de Cite. (the center where Paris Developed). The villagers ran the village as sort of a fishing centric area. The area was not given an actual title until close to around 52 B.C. being called “Lutetia.” Then soon after being conquered by Julius Caesar and the roman empire. The land existed as a regional center for Rome to be used at their disposal. This continued for centuries even through the early middle ages. Next, in the year 987, Hugh Capet, the Count of Paris at the time, ascended to power as the new King of France. Using his
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