Park Avenue : Money, Power And The American Dream

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Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream In my opinion being bias has both good and bad characteristics. I believe the negative part of being bias is that you only think one sided and not open minded. You can 't be biased in some situations where you have to see both sides of view. A positive aspect is that you are consistent and not indecisive. If you have a passion or believe in something, then you will stay consistent with your decision. In the video Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream I noticed a bias toward the economically poor families. This video shows one of the poorest place in New York City. It is located in South Bronx on Park Avenue. The video shows that people who were born into the poor families get the short end of the stick. It states in the video that some individuals work very hard to progress out of being in their low income situations. But the wealthy Americans show prejudice against the poor Americans. The wealthy make laws and policies that are set up by the lobbyist to make it very hard for the poor to get out of poverty. Policies are no longer benefiting poor people like they once did in the past. The greed of the wealthy makes the poor angry. Training and education classes are being slashed to help with tax cuts for the Americans who are already wealthy. The fear is if the poor will continue being able to survive in the world today. Because the wealthy is cutting a lot a government assistant programs
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