Park Industry Is An Ever Growing Business

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Have you ever experienced a walk down Main Street U.S.A in the Magic Kingdom and thought to yourself, I wonder how such a big place keeps the magic alive every single day? Well, this thought led to the discovery of exciting career opportunities, from management to the presidency of a theme park. The theme park industry is an ever-growing business. Theme parks must constantly strive to keep current guests interested in returning while attracting new guests at the same time. This means both more opportunities and more competitiveness for jobs. This type of career is one that has grown over time with loyalty and dedication to your job and company. Many companies prefer to promote people from inside the company rather than bringing in outsiders. There are over 400 theme parks and attractions in the US alone and altogether they attract 300 million people annually (Walker, 2014, p. 252) In 2014, there were over 600,000 jobs for year-round and seasonal employees and the prospective outlook continues to grow every year (Walker, 2014, p. 263) The working hours usually extend past regular business hours, including weekends and holidays. Those long hours are put into numerous places, but a majority of them involve guest satisfaction and retention; which has become easier over the years with the internet and use of social media becoming a necessity in our daily lives (Clavé, 2007, p. 417). The purpose of this career plan research paper is to explore a career in the theme park
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