Park Rangers Research Paper

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Park Rangers are known throughout their profession for a number of roles. One of those roles is providing tours to the visitors who come to the park. Many parks have guided tours where tour guides are in fact the park’s park rangers. These tours may focus on historical facts, natural setting factors and park visitation. During these tours, the park rangers will lecture and may show short films as well to give visitors a better overview of how the park works and information regarding the historical surroundings. In order to effectively give tours, park rangers must do their preparation work ahead of time. These individuals may prepare structured lectures with the information they have gained throughout their employment at the park and update the lectures with new information as it is received. Park rangers are also …show more content…

They will explain pertinent regulations and enforce regulations when they are violated by park visitors. These individuals are also responsible for providing emergency assistance when needed and getting in contact with the local authorities. There are a number of traits which every good park ranger should have. The first trait, which is invaluable, is diligence. The park ranger should be diligent in preparing information, protecting the park and visitors and presenting information to those who come to the park to visit. A diligent park ranger is one who knows what their job role is and efficiently carries out that role. A park ranger should also have the prerequisite knowledge to carry out their job duties most effectively. There are many things which a park ranger should know about the park in which they work. Historical background, park regulations, park statistics and familiarity with the park as a whole are extremely important things for the park ranger to know about. Well-rounded knowledge of the park makes a park ranger most efficient in his/her

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