Parker Pen

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PARKER PEN Parker Pen Introduction In the given paper, the international marketing strategy used by Parker Pen Company is being researched. Parker Pen is a global company which sells products to over 154 countries worldwide. The company became international in the year 1984, experiencing huge profits since then, however, the managers failed to create proper marketing strategies that would have made them compete in international markets with inexpensive products from other parts of the world. The company also failed to retain the best human resources they had, which makes it hard to retain the continuous success in the market. Marketing Miscalculations Speaking about the product policy, one must mark that the company has a variety of…show more content…
However, the attempts resulted in complete marketing defeat. The company also failed to estimate the power of suppliers. The correct calculation of the supplies potential could have enabled Parker Pen to outsource the most promising services, which were becoming very expensive in the USA, since the power of suppliers determined the prices that would be charged for the goods and services. Globalization Strategy There are various globalization strategies that could have been pursued by the company. However, the company pursued the policy which became very expensive in the long run for the company. The globalization that could have been adapted would 5 have been different because the product was not homogenous as it was more than 500 product line. Parker Pen should have understood that different market segments had different income levels, keeping in mind cultural and social differences as well as different technological advances (Keegan, 2002). Unlike Coca-Cola, which has almost homogenous products, Parker Pen offers the approach that should have established differential prices in different markets. Since globalization of a company usually requires the company to first structure themselves internationally to enable
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