Parking Deficiencies At Nevada Las Vegas ( Unlv )

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Imagine waking up thirty minutes late the morning of your final exam, the sense of panic you feel as you are rushing to get dressed and then begin speeding through traffic to make it to the campus on time. Upon finally arriving, with less than fifteen minutes left to spare, there is absolutely nowhere for you to park your car in the parking garage. Stressful situations such as these happen on a daily basis for college students attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), the issue of parking deficiencies at UNLV is becoming a more well-known and very prevalent among the college’s community. The absence of parking spots at UNLV is detrimental to students’ education because it causes problems such as tardiness, frustration added stress, and financial issues; all things that will eventually handicap the educational enrichment of the students that are enrolled. The biggest problem, as well as most hindering to students at UNLV and the university’s academic reputation, is the fact that the lack of parking causes students to be late for their classes. Being late for class increases the chance of a student missing out on valuable information that could very well be on an upcoming exam, also increasing their chance of not being able to pass these exams. If being late to class is proven to bring down students’ GPAs why would administration not doing anything to help prevent this factor? “The issue is not necessarily that there are not enough parking spaces, it is

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