Parking Spaces At The New Livermore Bart Station

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Parking Statistics

A parking structure is being built for the new Livermore BART station. The Livermore Department of Transportation would like to provide as many parking spaces as possible in the parking structure. This study will determine an “ideal” parking space size in order to maximize the amount of available spaces while still accommodating an appropriate range of car sizes.

We located a sample pool of automobiles that accurately reflected the socio-economic demographic of the Livermore area to determine the type of cars owned in the community. From this sample we determined the range in car sizes that would be parking in the new parking structure. We measured a sample of the automobile’s lengths and widths to determine the mean and deviation of the vehicles the new parking structure would need to accommodate. We determined the seven parking lots of Las Positas College was an accurate and large enough representation of the demographic that would be utilizing the Livermore BART station parking structure. Different student demographics use different parking lots on campus. The trucks and bigger vehicles driven by the firefighting students, veterans and welding students parked in the lots closer to their buildings. For this reason, we found it necessary to take sample measurements from all seven parking lots at the Las Positas College campus so that we would have an accurate sample of the lifestyles reflected by car sizes that would be using the

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