Parking problems on campus

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Aside from having a lot of grass areas on campus, parking spaces have become scarce. As more and more departments open at UMBC, the number of students attending school at UMBC grows more and more. Considering over half of the undergraduate student population at UMBC is comprised of commuter students, the parking spaces to students’ ratio at UMBC is extremely disproportionate. The shortage of parking lots and spaces is getting worse every semester.
To correct this problem, the findings of this report best recommend a series of modifications to the parking system around campus to include an ease way for the students to find the parking spots around campus. This new parking way includes more signs for the new parking spots each student with a car would come to the campus and start looking for the signs that tells you how many parking spots are free and can be used. The new parking signs would be modified electronically to tell students if the parking lot is packed or not.

Overview of the Project


The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), is growing and dynamically adding more and more students every year. Student demographics for the campus this year approximately describes 9,000 undergraduate students and 3,000 graduate students (approximately 12,000 students total) of which 64% are commuter students and 36% are
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