Parkinson 's Disease : A Disease

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Parkinson’s disease
Chase J Fowler
Missouri Southern State University What is Parkinson’s disease (PD)? Parkinson’s is a disease that causes the nervous system to degenerate which means that person’s health is declining mentally, physically, and morally. Parkinson’s causes a loss in balance, which is the cause for most of the falls. These falls lead to the most injuries a Parkinson’s patient has; whether it be fractures or concussions. It causes a loss in muscle movement and muscle control. Patients with Parkinson’s get really stiff when the medication wears off and is hard to move and do simple daily activities. Additionally, it causes tremors. An example would be when people’s hands shake when they haven’t been doing anything but resting and it shouldn’t be doing it. The list continues…

Types of Parkinson’s.
Most people think Parkinson’s is just an old person’s disease, but in fact there are 3 types of Parkinson’s and each one affects a different age group. To start and least common of the types is, Juvenile Parkinson’s Disease which happens before the age of twenty one. Next, Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease; this occurs between ages twenty one to forty. This varies depending on where you are in the world. In the U.S., this is not very common. In Japan, it’s a big majority of the people with Parkinson’s. The most common of the types is called Adult-Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Most common age associated with Adult-Onset PD is sixty years old and the chance of getting PD

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