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Introduction Parkinson’s disease is a common disease facing many older people across the world. It affects the central nervous system and it impairs cognitive processes, motor skills and other functions. This disease mostly affects the older generation and it manifests itself with symptoms which include rigidity, tremor, postural instability, slowness in movement and others. Other symptoms include sleep difficulties, sensory and autonomic dysfunction. Parkinson’s disease has a high prevalence rate among older people with approximately 500,000 people suffering from the disease in the United States. In addition, there are approximately 1 million people who suffer from the disease but they have not been diagnosed yet (Oxtoby et. al.,…show more content…
However, these too can benefit from several programs which have been created to cater for patients suffering from the disease across the US. Another psycho-social challenge facing many Parkinson’s patients is lack of access to effective health care services. Many patients do not have support from family and friends and they also do not have employment opportunities. As a result, they are unable to afford health care insurance to manage their condition and this worsens their symptoms (Grimes, 2004). If the disease is left untreated for a long time, such patients are exposed to fatality. This may explain the high number of people who succumb to Parkinson’s disease which can be managed through treatment. In addition, there is a high level of psychological suffering especially for patients in the late stage of the illness. Such patients suffer from altered relationships, low self esteem, loss of autonomy, social isolation among other effects. These have an adverse effect on mental health and they may lead to the development of other mental illnesses such as psychosis. It is therefore of essential importance that a cure is found for the illness. This may only be achieved through research. Research projects on Parkinson’s disease There are various researches which have been conducted in order to understand the most effective way to diagnose and treat the disease. In a research by Columbia University, 100 people of who

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