Parkinson's Disease Personal Statement

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Neurology is one of the most unexplored fields in medicine; however, more recently there has been a spike in the amount of research being done in this specialty. This is because people are becoming more interested in neuroscience, including myself. I attended a pre-medical vocational high school, which exposed me to a greater amount of knowledge pertaining to the basics of anatomy and physiology, along with hands-on opportunities in a medical setting. It was here where I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine; however, due to the fact medical field is very broad, I had no set specialty. This changed when I was exposed to the cruel manifestations of Parkinson’s Disease. During, sophomore year of high school, my grandfather passed away due to complications of Parkinson’s Disease. The way that a neurodegenerative disease was able to overtake a person in the manner that it did was shocking, and while it brought me great grief initially, it later intrigued me. I took up an interest in neuroscience and began to do my own research which culminated in various projects and applications throughout the remainder of my time in high school. These experiences have culminated in my decision to work toward a Cell Biology and …show more content…

At the base, my ability to thrive in an academic setting is the first qualification that I possess for this program. I worked hard in high school in order to reach where am I today, and I have continued this hard work into college, as reflected in my first semester’s GPA. This good work ethic will translate well into a laboratory environment, and allow me accurately and efficiently complete any tasks assigned to me. It is also important to have knowledge of what one is doing in a laboratory, and I also possess this

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