Parkinson's Disease and Body Weight

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Parkinson’s Disease: Relationship with Parkinson’s Disease and Body Weight Ethics are the key to the safe and reliable supply of services within an industry. Modern medicine has several ethical standards in place. The College of Nurses (CNO) states that considering ethical issues is essential to providing care. The ethical framework is in place to guide nurses in the changing times of new technology and to help prevent and work through ethical conflicts (College of Nurses, 2009, p. 3). A registered practical nurse has been documenting her patient Mr. Gurt’s weight inaccurately. Patient care is a very important element that must be handled with respect and great care. With regards to Mr. Gurt’s case presented, there has been an ethical…show more content…
Gurt is already thin and weak; therefore his bones are as well and he is at a higher risk for breaking bones or falling because he will have reduced strength. With weakened bones, he is at risk for osteoporosis, joint pain and inflammation, arthritis, a weakened immune system, and trouble regulating body temperature which can lead to very preventable complications. Mr. Gurt’s skin is breaking down partly due to environmental factors but mostly due to lack of care. If the health care staff repositions Mr. Gurt every two to four hours, the rick of ulcers will decrease, allowing for optimal skin integrity achievement. The registered practical nurse can be charged with negligence and staff may receive suspension or loss of license to practice or with restrictions. The nurse may have taught other staff members especially anyone who was new the improper way to complete a task and documentation. Ultimately, the hospital could become subject to legal questioning due to the absence of ethical practices. This can prove to be very problematic as it holds the potential to result in a legal lawsuit due to the inaccuracy of patient information maintenance. This can cause further implications on the evolution of the hospital as it will be forced to deal with expenses regarding legal issues that could have been easily avoided. The hospitals standards will be viewed as incomplete and or not enforced because the nurse has not been confronted about her actions. The hospitals
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