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Zachary Maller Parkour November 16, 2007 Mrs. Dunbar Parkour is a new and exciting sport that people are performing around the world. Parkour is a French word for "the art of movement." Parkour was created by David Belle out of his imagination, his heritage and from his desire during childhood to find the means to move through the world in an efficient and fluid way. The objective of Parkour is getting from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. Parkour is a combination of vaults, landings, balance, precision, discipline and confidence. Raymond Belle, David Belle's father was a fireman in France and served in the military. As a fireman and military officer he needed to have a way to get from one place to another but…show more content…
If you don't roll properly, especially on concrete, then you can also seriously injure your back and spine. There are many different steps in the right way to roll. When you land from a high and fast jump you want to be on your feet for less than a second. If you are on your feet for more than a couple of seconds when you land into a roll you will not be getting the full absorption of the impact. If you roll too much to the side or too straight- forward than you can easily damage your spine, not to mention get scraped up on your shoulders and back. You want to roll from your right shoulder to your left hip and have the correct hand placement. A vault is a fast and efficient way to get over an obstacle in your path. There are many risks you take when you do certain dangerous vaults. One of the most feared risks is clipping your feet. When you do a Kong vault-which is a dive on to a table pushing off with your hands and bringing your legs through your hands, you fear clipping your feet, that is why many people can't do it, not because its too hard, but because of the mental block. If you do happen to clip your feet a useful Parkour technique is the diving roll. The diving roll is when one dives over an object headfirst and lands on their hands and goes into a roll. This is useful so when you do clip your feet you can just
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