Parkway: Leadership and Nursing Home Directors

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Question 1 What do the data on employee injuries, incidents, absences, and turnover suggest to you? Is there reason for concern about the company’s direction? The data gives a clear view in the form of statistic about the problem face by Parkway Nursing Care on employee injuries, incidents, absences and turnover rate and the certified absences per staff. Figure show fluctuation on each category and mostly increased in year by year. The numbers of patients increase since year 2000 until 2009. As the number of patients increases in each year, medical staff could be overlooked the patients therefore the rate of incidents per patient increase. As in the incidents per patient increase, the injuries per staff member also go up. The incremental…show more content…
These leaders have high moral values. The best leadership strategy that we advice Parkway to use is Situational Theory. There are four leadership behaviors needed under the situational leadership method which is telling and directing, selling and coaching, participating and supporting and the last is delegating. The nursing home directors and nurse supervisors should be a telling leader. A telling leader is defines the roles and tasks for each staff, and then supervises them very closely. This is particularly true for inexperienced or first-time employees who need to be closely supervised by an experienced leader. This leadership style is particularly effective for staffs that lack the competence but committed to achieving their roles. From the communication, they can identify any usual signs of work stress of employees, the factor that employees want to resign, and the suggestions for organization improvement provided by the employee. For instance, if someone complaints about the problem in the work job, don’t ignore the complaints, but investigate the situation and try to solve the problems. To decrease the number of injuries to staff and incidents of patient, they have to establishing healthy work environments. It is challenging to create a healthy work environment for employees while supporting a healing environment for patients. They can help by identifying core issues that causing the incidents and providing
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