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Parmenides of Elea Parmenides of Elea discusses the meta-theoretical issue of what can be legitimately thought and said. In his writings, Parmenides asserts that anything rationally conceivable must exist. In turn, anything non-existent can neither be thought of nor said. Furthermore, Parmenides rejects beliefs that are based on sensory experience. He believes that the senses deter us from recognizing genuine being, which can only be recognized through the use of reason. Although his argument seems to be logically sound, his theory proves unreasonable in the end. Parmenides presents his argument in the form of a poem. The poem begins with Parmenides meeting a goddess. The goddess informs Parmenides of two ways; “the unshaken…show more content…
The goddess proceeds to investigate the characteristics of genuine being: “On this way there are signs exceedingly many—that being ungenerated it is also imperishable, whole and of a single kind and unshaken and complete. Nor was it ever nor will it be, since it is now, all together one, continuous. For what birth will you seek for it? How and from where did it grow? I will not permit you to say or to think that it grew from what is not; for it is not to be said or thought that it is not. What necessity would have stirred it up to grow later rather than earlier, beginning from nothing? Thus it must either fully be or not” (38). According to these characteristics, there no longer exists the possibility of generation, destruction, change, and motion. The goddess goes on to consider the consequences of her argument. According to her argument, nothing can come into being. In order to come into being, that something must have spawned from nothing or from something. That something couldn’t have spawned from nothing because there is no ‘nothing’. ‘Nothing’ cannot exist. Also, that something couldn’t have spawned from something else because there is nothing other than what exists. These consequences of Truth are seemingly responsive to the Milesians’ theories of material monism. According to those theories, everything in the world comes from a single substance. However this is impossible since that single substance cannot be anything more
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