Parody-Personal Narrative

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“Ring” screeched the bell, As I walk into homeroom knowing that I was going to be counted for taredy.

“You’re late Kener” Mr. Did said checking my name for being late. (again) I had tried to explain what had happened with my skateboard but of course he did not believe me like always. Like the last time when the wolf attacked me and ate my tire.

Trying to make fun of me a kid in the back said, “ What happened this time did a dog with demon eyes break your board”

At lunch I had gotten hit with a paper airplane three times by a kid named Jack, the one that had made fun of me in homeroom. Everyone of them had all the animal the attacked me on them, but I will give him one thing they were pretty accurate. That still does not change the fact
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I said out loud, at the top of my lungs, so everyone could hear it, “STOP FAT BOY”

The cafeteria was silent. As I was thinking if I said the right insult to make him stop. When Mr.Did said, “KENER”,has if he had just seen me unsheath a knife and threatened to harmed Jack or something.

When I walked into his office I had noticed something weird my mom was there as if she know I was going to get in a fight before I did.

Mr.Did said, “My mother would like to speak with me in private” As he walk out of the office.

Turns out my mom was not interested to speak with me at all or maybe just not in the car ride home. When we got home I really thought I was dead, but she had just sat down and said hesitantly “Your father is a … Your father is a god-”

“Mom I think you should go to the doctor or-”

“ I did not want to tell you and I do not need to go to any doctor because your dad did not get swept away by a tornado. He summed one to go meet with other gods!”

There was about two-hundred things going on in my head, I … Did not know how to put all the questions into words. I had finally come to my senses and could think of what this meant… I was a demi-god.

“How” I said with a mad look on my
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There were lots of boats at the docks, well more than normal. I thought I remembered them saying I need to get on one .l did not know which one of them to get on so I got on the one with the least people because how many people could be on a quest to save there father that is a god.

We were sailing a long long time and then like in all thing like this we right in the middle of a storm we all had to go to are rooms (All five of us) That got me thinking what these other guy were doing here. There were an old guy, middle age teen, then a women with a over sized ear, then the captain and I would get this ghostly feeling when I passed one of them and I really got the feeling when I was near the old one.

I heard knocking at my door so I walk up and saw nothing so I went to sit down again. Then guess what I heard again knocking so I walk up and saw nothing so I walked of preparing to see the teen. I saw the teen but with every person on the boat. They said nothing so I shout the the door. Then I layed down I heard something and got up and I saw the people passing through my wall I quickly drew my sword out of a sack and slash through all of them but nothing happened. Then I thought I was dead for sure when the all raised their hand and swag. Nothing happened I was alive they just passed right throw. So I ran for the door and shout it behind me then sprinted down the hallway and for the life
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