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Abstract This paper will conduct a perspective view on the modern personnel evaluation system of three Arkansas agencies because job evaluations provides plans that are necessarily to provide its own standards of job worth. There would be insight on key factors that should be considered while implementing public personnel evaluations systems. In addition, there would be an outlook on the challenges of public managers that should consider implementing a public personnel evaluation system Introduction To get the accurate measure of your employees’ performance must be organize. Organization set the content of the job with tasks that are associated with knowledge, skills, and abilities. Evaluations make statements just not for…show more content…
“Evaluator should specifically advocate for the program/project being evaluated, but rather should advocate for an inclusive, open evaluation process that will lead to the retention of good services and the improvement of bad services, in a way that is seen as appropriate and acceptable by the program’s stakeholders.” (Mathison, 1998) Second, is grade creep. Grade creep is undefined rise in the median grade of employees within the agency. This increase can cause a rupture, where taxpayer would complain and states their local government is overpaid and underworked. In addition, this can be cause by the connection and pay ranges. Third, is if evaluation system is removed, workers will undermined the effectiveness and efficiency of their job duties. Forth, challenges are they are not fair. “Regarding fairness and equity, the accuracy and objectivity of job analysis and classifications actions have always been suspect because none of the systems in use comes close to completely eliminating professional or managerial judgment and discretion.” (Nigro, 2007) Conclusion Personnel evaluations are a conceptual framework. This identifies employees’ strengths and weakness. This will bring a priority towards individuals’ efficiency and effectiveness on the job. An agency must be accountable for their goals,

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