Parole Is The Release Of A Convicted Offender

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Parole is the release of a convicted offender after he or she has completed a portion of his or her prison sentence (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012). Probation is a form of sentence for violating the law, which suspends the convicted offender’s sentence for a period of time and releases the offender back into the community under specific conditions (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012).
The start of probation can be linked to England’s criminal law. During Henry VIII’s time, harsh sanctions were placed on adults and children for violations of the law that were sometimes minor (New York City Government, 2015). The upper class members of the society eventually became dissatisfied with the harsh punishments and became bothered with the change of the justice system and adopted a variety of measures to alleviate these inhumane sanctions (New York City Government, 2015). Some of the measures that were adopted include: the offender purchased royal pardons, judges chose a compassionate interpretation of the statutes, stolen property were devalued in order for the offenders to be charged with a lesser offense, and offenders were offered protection from the execution of harsh sanctions (New York City Government, 2015).
The courts began using the process of “binding over for good behavior”, which allowed offenders to take steps to secure lesser sentences (New York City Government, 2015, p. 1). Due to the harsh sanctions, some courts began to suspend sentences; this was the beginning of…

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