Parole Officers And The Prison System

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The world we live is constantly changing whether we are on the streets or in the prison system.

Society doesn’t understand that being in the prison is the almost the same as being on the streets. For instance, there are inmates that sell drugs and rob and kill people and cover it up just as if

they were on the streets. There are correctional officers that work there, but they can’t observe

everything that goes on in the prison system. This is one of the reasons that being a parole officer

would be a good job to have. The streets are already bad enough so taking some of the bad guys

off the streets can help get the community back under control. Parole officer not only help in the

streets the help in the court house. Parole officers can help the judge make decisions on what the

inmate should be given whether its freedom or jail time. Parole officers have allot of offenders to

keep in contact with when they have not had contact with the offender this becomes a violation

and their parole can be revoked. ( In the

past few years I have seem allot of inmates in back in prison because they could not follow the

guidelines for parole and they were sent back to prison to finish their sentence. When an offender applies for parole a form filled and sent to his counselor which sends it on to parole. When the

parole board looks at an inmate, they look at everything especially his disciplinary history this is

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