Parr's The Awakening

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The attempts at flattery, unfortunately for Parr, did not work well for her with her second publication. According to Porter, King Henry was afraid that too much discussion would lead to dissension across his lands. He stated the following once in Prayers or Meditations had been released and read, "And though you may be permitted to read Holy Scripture and to have the word of God in your mother tongue, you must understand that it is licensed you so to do, only to instruct your children and family." Parr's text was widely popular with the subjects of England; there were nine editions published by 1556. Because of the King's selfish nature, he did not care for the fact that Parr was gaining popularity as a writer, and was growing impatient with her constant talk of reforming religion and lack of more male heirs .…show more content…
Henry did not alert Parr to these problems he is having with her, but rather tells an advisor of his, a political enemy of Parr, that, "A good hearing it is when women become such clergy, and a thing much to my comfort, to come in mine old days to be taught by my
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