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Parshat Chayei Sara

In this week's parsha the Torah tells us of the matching and marriage between Yitzchak and Rivka. The Torah explains at great lengths the journey which Eliezer who was the servant of Avraham took to find a wife for Yitzchak, and the miracles that were done for him. After Eliezer is successful in finding the fitting bride for his master, he brings Rivka to the Negev where Yitzchak is staying in order for them to meet.

This meeting is a tremendous moment in our history; this meeting is a major step in the culmination of HaShem's promise to Avraham to make his offspring a great nation.

The Torah tells us in great detail of this meeting "And Rivka raised her eyes and she saw Yitzchak; and she inclined while upon the camel. And she said to the slave, 'Who is that man walking in the field toward us?' And the slave said, 'He is my master.' She then took the veil and she covered herself" The Torah interestingly goes out of its way to tell us that Rivka took her veil and covered herself. Why? What does this little detail serve for us? We know that there is not one extra word in the Torah. What is HaShem trying to tell us?

Perhaps we can learn a tremendous lesson in behavior. Naturally when people
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When asked why she merited having such beautiful children, she answered that her husband was extremely modest during marital relations. We see that even during the most intimate time between a husband and wife, the concept of modesty must be upheld. Modesty is the foundation of a Jewish home; the wife is the spiritual conduit to bring holiness into the home. If the wife isn’t conducting herself in a modest way then the house isn’t built on a spiritual base. This is what the Torah was teaching us by adding a seemingly superfluous detail. May we all grow in perfection of our behavior and service to
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