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Based on the information supplied in Rob Parson’s performance evaluation, Parson is a hardworking asset to the Morgan Stanley team and is an asset to the Investment Banking Division in the sense that he is able to achieve results; with that being said, when it comes to the interpersonal communication aspect that is crucial in any setting requiring even the slightest element of teamwork, Parson is failing to reach the expectations of his colleagues and superiors. While being able to conduct sales and persuade clients in an unprecedented manner differentiates Parson from his colleagues, the respect, admiration, and the management skills that could truly allow him to excel at Morgan Stanley are lacking. With this information in mind, Parson should not be promoted at this point. The Managing Director position specifically lists that the individuals with such a title clearly display leadership and lead by example. In Parson’s performance ratings, his lowest ratings were in areas of coaching, management, ability to work in a team, and adherence to policies. Although Parson received high ratings in other aspects pertaining to the Managing Director position, such as knowledge, he lacks the full set of qualities that would set him up for success as a Managing Director. Parson should be offered the opportunity to stay with the firm as a “permanent principal”, and upon demonstrating his improved interpersonal and leadership potential to his coworkers, which were already identified in
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