Parsons Dance Company At Harbison Theatre Essay

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On November 18, 2016, I attended an evening performance in Irmo, South Carolina by Parsons Dance Company at Harbison Theatre at 7:30 p.m. This New York City modern based dance company hosted six commissioning works at the Midland Technical College that were all choreographed by the artistic director David Parsons. The created six works were “Finding Center,” “Hand Dance,” Swing Shift,” Kind of Blue,” “Caught,” and “Nascimento.” Each of David Parsons works showed a distinction of athletic, energized, ensemble works that revealed the style of his choreography. Parsons Dance is renowned for creating and performing contemporary American dance that is accessible and enriching to diverse audiences.

When entering the Harbison Theatre and settling into my section area of seating, the first thoughts that came to mind were how was a dance company going to perform on a stage space that had the dimensions of a not too small, but not too large size? Another thought that came to mind was how was my interpretation of the works going to be affected since the theatre house and stage was close in distance to each other. These questions came to mind because I was under the impression that Parsons Dance was a large dance company and I have never viewed a dance performance that was close to the audience and at eye level. These thoughts all changed when the evening performance began and I soon saw that the company consisted of nine members overall and only five to six was apart of each
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