Part 1.A Summary Of Workplace (~ 1 ½ To 2 Pages) . In All

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Part 1.a Summary of Workplace (~ 1 ½ to 2 pages)
In All the Livelong Day by Barbara Garson, she writes about many workplaces and how they run. In one chapter, Tuna Fish, she interviews a variety of workers who do individual, sequential tasks on an assembly line for Bumble Bee. The workers do not like working there, however, it is the best job in their town. Recently, there was one character that stood out to me in the chapter. Nan Cappy is a skinner at the Bumble Bee tuna fish processing factory, skinners prepare the fish for processing. She lived outside of the town, married, and had four kids. She was originally from Detroit and moved to Astoria, Oregon with her husband for his work and enjoyed living in the Northeast. Working for
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Nan describes it by saying “You’re not even as good as a machine because they wouldn’t leave a broken machine just sitting on a bench in the locker room” (Garson 44). The workers realize this when they find out that the union is hiring casual workers who work during the summers and get the same pay and benefits as the full-time workers. This upsets the regular year-round workers because they find it unfair that they are getting shorter shifts all summer. The workers decide to go on strike for six weeks, however, the union isn’t affected by this because their contract expires before the season. The full-time workers end up winning “the union comes back with probationary workers. They get thirty cents an hour less until four hundred and eighty hours” (Garson 46). Nan doesn’t believe they won, she believes the union used them because probationary workers are just a different name for casual workers. Most of her coworkers also reached the same conclusion but made excuses as to why.
b. Application of organization behavior concept
Organizational Commitment (about ½ to 1 page)
Organizational commitment is defined as “An employee who identifies with a particular organization and its goals and wishes to stay a member” (Robbins & Judge 38). Nan Capp has worked for Bumble Bee for the past four years. She has more experience which correlates to weaker organizational commitment. Throughout the book, she mentions wanting to quit more than a few times. However, because
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