Part 1. Answer The Following Questions About Yourself.

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Part 1
Answer the following questions about yourself. Note that you may need to think outside your usual framework to answer some of these questions (for instance, you may not have thought about the advantages and/or disadvantages for you of being a member of your particular ethnic/cultural group).
• What is your ethnic/cultural/linguistic identity?
• What has it meant to belong to your ethnic/cultural group?
• What do you like about your ethnic/cultural identity?
• What do you dislike about your ethnic/cultural identity?
• What are the advantages or disadvantages of belonging to the ethnic/cultural group you identify with? Self-reflecting on my ethnic and cultural background is always interesting because I have grown up in so …show more content…

As a family, we follow Hinduism and participate in all the traditions. We have integrated into the US culture and continue to identify with our Indian heritage.

• India’s culture blends from it rich historic background and the influence of the current western culture. Hence, as Indians, we have grown up to be a very tolerant culture. We honor and respect all religions, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Our culture teaches us to have a deep respect for elders and has a tradition of joint families.

• The attitude I dislike the most of my culture is the passiveness and non-confrontational behavior. This leads to miscommunication and tense interpersonal issues. Culturally we lack the sense of civic responsibility. These cultural/ethnic behaviors can cause tension because some other cultures could develop a bias that we lack professionalism.

• As Indian citizens are divided by language, religion, traditions and cultures, sometimes it is an advantage and a disadvantage. Because of the diversity, it is hard to communicate within the country. In addition, it is hard for other cultures to understand the Indian culture because of its heterogeneous composition. Another major disadvantage of belonging to two cultures, Indian & American, is the feeling of fitting in. As immigrants, we are often torn between two worlds. We struggle with identity. My children sometimes feel they don’t fit in here and when

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