Part 1: Describe Donna’S Story From A Problem Solving Perspective..

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Part 1: Describe Donna’s Story from a problem solving perspective. A problem solving approach would look at Donna’s deficits and focus on her issues. By drawing on a medical model, Donna would have her issues defined, situation assessed, goals set, and intervention planned (Heinonen & Spearman, 2010). A social work relationship with Donna would be terminated when the present issued were resolved. Specifically, Donna’s assessment would be an important task of the social worker working with her. We can likely assume that Donna’s access to a problem-solving social worker would be because there is a concern with her ability to parent. While Donna’s children (that lived with her) were not apprehended in the film, the goal of a social worker…show more content…
Depending on where they live, maybe Donna would arrange to have a weekly family dinner or something – just something to increase connection. Lastly, potential goals for Donna regarding Alvin would be to, first of all, get him addressed by a doctor before implementing community and agency resources as necessary. Part 2: Describe Donna’s situation from a strengths based approach. When watching this documentary, I only saw Donna’s life story as one full of resiliency. It was very difficult for me to focus on her deficits within a problem solving approach and to ignore her strengths. To begin, it is vital to examine Donna’s childhood adversities and her ability to overcome those hardships and prevent them from being passed along to her own children. Donna has suffered from neglect, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse for much of her life and has (as far as we know) protected her children from the same. Despite this, Donna has made it her mission to help others in similar situations. She is a often speaker at community and cultural events, examining how structural issues pushed her to a life on the street, and she works as an outreach worker in a penitentiary. Moreover, Donna sees the value in human and Indigenous connection, with an array of cultural activities she participates in. Additionally, Donna has the ability to provide a safe, clean, home her children and can prepare nutritious food for

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