Part 1 Diet Analysis Paper

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Part 1 The way people perceive taste is impacted by a number of factors. These include, but are not limited to, age, weight, hormones, sickness and disease, smoking, and diet. Diet is the factor that this paper focuses on. Diet is impacted by the way people taste in that people are used to eating a certain amount of additives and preservatives. Some eat a very low amount, while for others, everything they eat contains additives and preservatives. There is a large range, but this paper will be focusing on two sides: people who eat a moderate to high amount of additives and preservatives in their daily life —this group will be referred to as Group 1—and people who eat very little to none—this group will be referred to as Group 2.

Part 2 The
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We took two versions of the same foods, one with additives and preservatives and one without, and fed them to participants. The foods are as follows: Canned and preserved carrots and carrots that were boiled in salted water at home, chemically preserved bacon and naturally preserved (salt) bacon, coke sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and coke sweetened with cane sugar, and mountain dew sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and Mountain Dew sweetened with sugar, and made from scratch vanilla cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes made from a boxed cake mix. We ended up having store-bought vanilla cupcakes with poppy seeds for the first half of our experiment and vanilla cupcakes made from boxed cake mix for the second half because we did not have access to boxed cake mix at first and then re ran out of vanilla cupcakes with poppy seeds, so the box-made cupcakes were introduced. They were very similar in flavor and the change made no impact on our experiment. The participants were fed the food, one version and then the other for all the categories and then asked to identify which foods they thought had additives and preservatives and then asked to justify their answer. This was to ensure that they were not simply guessing the…show more content…

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