Part 1: How Much Food Did I Waste? Not Much…And Here’S

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Part 1: How Much Food Did I Waste? Not Much…and Here’s Why! The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the importance of waste; a byproduct of consuming and/or producing food. Whether it came from the grocery store, corner store deli, or even from a favorite restaurant, it is apparent that in our current industrial food system, waste from food is not disappearing anytime soon. Furthermore, in a recent report by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in 2010, out of the 430 billion tons of available food produced in the United States, approximately 133 billion tons of food were uneaten (Buzby et al, 2014). For this assignment, I documented, (approximately) weighed, and photographed the waste that accumulated at my residence…show more content…
Astonishingly, I didn’t “go out” to eat for the duration of this project, I only eat out on the weekends, and even then, I usually don’t get to-go boxes, since I typically finish the food when I sit down at a restaurant. Part II: Reflection Reflecting back from this project made me realize how much food is wasted, even if we eat all of the food from our plates. Due to the commodification of food in the industrial food system, consequently, this is no mistake! In addition, selling food has made a great deal of transnational corporations (TNC’s) very happy; they profit from mass-production, standardization, segmentation, and the harmful ecological effects on the environment. These all consequently affect us globally, from habitats being destroyed for agribusiness, to subsidizing companies that monocrop land for animal grazing. The average consumer is unaware of the devastation that the industrial food system has caused; their harmful practices of deceit and invisibility has blinded consumers about where and how our food is made. From the food that was consumed in those 4 days, I couldn’t believe how much packaging was thrown away! After learning about the amount of waste that is produced by the United States each year, it’s unfortunate how much is discarded by consumers. Even though I believed I was doing all the right things, I still had an immense accumulation of waste

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