Part A Hotel Property Information

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Nishit Soni
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Front Office/Guest services – 02
Date - 11/07/2014
Howard Johnson
Date Visited – 10/25/2014

PART A – Hotel Property Information
The hotel which we have visited is Howard Johnson. The hotel is located at Downtown area of Barrie city. The following is the complete address of hotel: 150 Dunlop Street West, Barrie, ON, CA. Its Zip code is L4N1B2. In this report we are going to cover how the hotel is classified in certain criteria, what’s the hotels organizational structure, how its reservation system works and which would be more appropriate reservation process according to us. The other part of the report will cover hotel’s history and other brands associated with the hotel company. And on our visit we would say individually at which position we would like to work in the Howard Johnson hotel and its reason.
When we visited the hotel we went to the front office and the guy named Purav Tailor who is a front desk agent, he helped us introduce about the hotel and how the hotel works and who owns the hotel.

Hotel Classification
Based on our research here are the information which was provided to us regarding the hotel
a) Size :- The hotel has total of 42 rooms for guest accommodation and the rooms are divided into different types they are as following
• 14 Double Double room
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