Part I . From The Act I, The Witches Predict Macbeth Prophecy

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Part I

From the act I, the witches predict Macbeth prophecy about he will become a king. The prophecy have marked on Macbeth’s and Lady macbeth’s behavior, thought, and emotions. The prophecy leads both of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to idea of greatness and powerful. Lady Macbeth thought that if she became a queen, she would have gotten attention, power, respect, and love. She never realizes that killing Duncan would ruin her life. On the other hand, Macbeth still struggle against his ambition and he is more profound about the consequences than Lady Macbeth, from the example event that he thinks that Duncan is a good king and he doesn’t deserve being murdered. But he still gives in to his ambitions. Furthermore, the prophecy leads them
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Besides that, after he kills Duncan, he has to keep murdering someone else as he says that he will keep moving forward since he has already done it. So he kills Banquo and Malcolm 's family. The impact of the death of Duncan on Lady Macbeth is that she has to be careful of everyone because she is afraid getting caught that her husband and her killed Duncan. It also has an impact on the natural world itself, the world and the nature has turned against normally right after Duncan got murdered. As Lennox says, “New hatch’d to the woeful time/The obscure bird Clamour’d the livelong night; some say the earth was feverous and did shake,”(II,3,59), he predicts the commencement of the upcoming chaos in the natural world.

Part 2
The theme that we have learned about the nature of human life after watching the story of human is Authority and Responsibility of becoming a king. To become a king, the king has to take responsibility of people’s life and has authority to control the lords. In the story of Macbeth, he has become king by the unnatural solution, murdering Duncan. So, he is not a good role of being a king because he is always worried about himself and not about the city and population at all, since in the story, he never talks and mentions about how he would control and organize the city. All Macbeth’s worry is about how to

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