Part IV: Organizational Design

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Part IV Organizational Design This section of the report covers several important topics. The first part will cover the authority, structure and organization of the different personnel and departments that are involved in the food survey for the hospital. The topics of how communication will be conducted, how education of staff will be done and how annual evaluations will be handled and external entities and their involvement will all be discussed as well. Authority Structure Each dimension of the current personnel will have a different task and function. The board of directors will make all major and "final" calls on things and matters of import and will have a bit of veto power over the executive leadership. The executive leadership acts in partnership with the board of directors with the major difference for the executives being that they explicitly direct and guide the rest of the firm in terms of how the study is undergone and the implementation of anything that is recommended and decided upon after the fact. The quality improvement committee will be the primary source of review and feedback regarding the efficacy of the survey itself and the implementation of everything done thereafter. The medical staff will serve as the front line of the implementation of any plan and they will also be the eyes and ears of how the plan is going including what is going right, what is going wrong and so forth. Middle management will have the task of keeping the medical staff
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