Part Iv: Admissions Essay. How Have Your Life, Work, And

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Part IV: Admissions Essay How have your life, work, and educational experiences contributed to your understanding of yourself and others in relation to the society in which we live? (You may wish to reflect on various aspects of your identity such as gender, sexual orientation, economic/class status, life as an aboriginal person, racial or cultural background, disabilities, or abilities). Racism, is so deeply embedded in society that race accounts for one of the vast differences in human character and abilities. Therefore, society uses its influences by referring to these groups as inferior. This topic really stands out to me. The reason being, as a social worker it is extremely important to recognize the impact of diversity to better…show more content…
Hypothetically speaking, I believe that if we continue on the same premise, in regards to how we treat our visible minorities, this can bring us on a path of human destruction and extinction. Therefore, cultural conflicts have the potential to increase the chances of ignition and rise of religious extremism and war. Working with such diverse populations would be incredibly rewarding and would allow me opportunity to advocate, help and make a positive change in the lives of others across the globe. In conclusion, the way we frame our society determines “how” and what cues we use when we perceive, analyze, and form opinions on one another. I’ve acquired more information than expected throughout these past years, especially in my program. This particular topic is something that I am very passionate about. This passion motivates me, in pursuit of a career in social work, because I want to be a force and image for change. Adding cultural competence to these already existing values and strengths, this will influence me and others, of different cultural backgrounds, to overcome ignorance and prejudice. We must continue to address these issues of culture and/or cultural identity, to fully embrace the diversity of our Canadian population. We are all diverse and unique individuals, in our own individualistic ways. Identify a social problem that you might want to address as a social worker. Discuss the factors that contribute to or cause this problem. What

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