Part Of Communication Disorders : Part 2- Communication Disorder Simulation

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PART 2- COMMUNICATION DISORDER SIMULATION As mentioned in the overall expectations in the first part of this assignment, I’ve never really thought about what it would be like to have some kind of communication difficulty or disorder. I’ve thought plenty about the fact that we have the ability to speak, but not that some people don’t share this ability. I knew that this would challenge me since I’ve always been able to communicate clearly and be understood. The purpose of this assignment was to place ourselves in the position of someone who we will be working with in future years as a speech language pathologist, or someone within the area of communication disorders. To relate to others we know we have to know what they’re going through: to be sympathetic or empathetic to their feelings so we know how we should react and what we should say to make them feel better. A similar mind-set can be applied to speech pathologists: how can we attempt to treat those with communication difficulties when we don’t understand what it’s like to live with one? By undertaking this assignment I hoped I would gain a better understanding of not only how those with communication disorders function (how they adapt to their situations) but also how they feel, be that excluded, anxious or apprehensive to go into public situations. Method When first deciding what I wanted to do for this part of the assignment, there was really only one option that I actually felt comfortable doing: going nonverbal
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