Part One of Red Rose and Pink Lips

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Part One Of Red Roses and Pink Lips Taeyeon sunk herself into the waiting chair as she waited for her turn to get styled. They had another photo shoot for Elle today, but somehow things moved slower this time. There were no warm touches or cute giggles distracting her from all the waiting. All she was left with was a makeup artist with a face too smug and unfriendly touches as she played with the soft features of Taeyeon's skin, dabbing on the foundation a bit too roughly. She was left alone with two other loud members in the dressing room, taking selcas of themselves, probably to be posted online. Taeyeon resisted the urge to roll her eyes, not wanting to ruin her eye makeup. If Tiffany was here, she would probably be taking selcas too, she thought. Tiffany is always taking selcas. Either using her own phone or Taeyeon's. A soft smile quickly crept up at the curves of her lips as she unlocked her phone, laughing at the display picture. It was a cross-eyed picture of a pre debut Stephanie. Tiffany has beaten her over countless times to take down the picture, but it was too precious. Her mischievous smile quickly turned into a bashful one as she remembered Tiffany straddling her, revealing too much of her skin as she innocently tickled Taeyeon. "Kim Taeyeon, the photographer's waiting for your close up shot." a bony woman called, pressing her lips into a forceful smile. Taeyeon just answered with a curt nod before making her way to the set. Countless words
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