Part Time Indian Racism

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Racism has affected many people creating problems for everyone as it is a huge problem. is is very important and significant topic in our lives. This topic can link to The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie because racism has affected Junior’s family and made them feel like they aren't as good as other people as well as junior getting treated differently at Rearden (the white school) because he is Indian. Racism has changed Junior’s families life because it is affecting them from getting good jobs that pay more. Another reason racism is affecting their lives is that it makes them feel scared to leave the reservation, because they are scared that they might get made fun of or beat up. The last reason racism is…show more content…
For example, their school, Wellpoint has a bad reputation because it is on the reservation and full of Indians, while the white school is known as one of the best schools in their area, because it is full of “strong, beautiful whites”. “The kids at Reardan are the smartest and most athletic kids anywhere. They are the best”. This quotation proves my point because Junior thinks that the kids at Rearden are the best because they are white, but later on in the basketball season, Wellpoint beats Rearden in a game. Also, racism has made it so they are not motivated enough to work hard for money. Junior explained to us that his dad is a very smart man, but instead of working hard for his money, he chooses to drink alcohol and gamble away his money. In the future, this can affect how Junior acts and works. On Christmas eve, Juniors dad took the rest of the money they had and went out to drink. He came back on January 2nd with a bad hangover and said “hey kid, i’m sorry about Christmas.” This quotation proves my point because since they say ‘like father like son’, the way his dad acts could rub off on him. In conclusion, racism has changed their attitudes and their motivation towards…show more content…
My points prove the thesis statement because in the book, Junior explains to us that when he goes to Rearden, the people make fun of him because he is Indian, and they make him think that he only belongs on the Reservation. Also, Juniors mom talks about how she wasn’t able to get a good job or get a decent education because of people treating her differently because she is Indian. this topic is Relevant to today’s society because racism is a very large topic around the world and it if affecting millions of
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