Part of Being a Counselor Is Dealing with Stressed or Depressed Clients

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Many clients may feel as if they have some sort of problem with either themselves or the people around them and it is up to the counselor to work with the client to generate some sort of solution. However, even though the counselor is supposed to remain collected, there are many opportunities for a counselor to feel as if they are in the client’s shoes. Feelings of stress and even depression have been observed in many counselors which are one of the several health risks associated with this career path. There are several risks associated with being a counselor. First of all, there can be a lot of stress associated with being a counselor since many of the clients that come in for assistance are feeling distressed. There is also a lot of responsibility associated with being a counselor that must be fulfilled. As highlighted in the code of ethics for instance, counselors must keep all information confidential and are expected to remain trustworthy figures regardless of the circumstances. However, while counselors are expected to remain confidential, they must also report a client when he/she threatens to harm themselves or someone else. This could lead the counselor to wonder about their client outside of the workplace wondering if they are okay. For instance, they may wonder whether “Sally” is keeping her promise of staying off of drugs or whether “Scott” will see…
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