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CMIT 350 WAN and SOHO Skills Implementation UMUC Winter 2015 Springfield Site Configuration: Required Implementation: Device hostnames, banners, secured passwords and spanning tree protocol. * Device Configurations: Implement device hostnames to match the xACME educational topology labels. Provide a template and sample configuration for the MOTD banner and login banner (wording and implementation) for one of the switches. Keep this generic, as it will be implemented on all switches in the xACME educational topology. Lastly, include the configuration steps for implementing device passwords on both console port (out-of-band communications) and VTY (Telnet/in-band communications). All passwords should be encrypted. Required…show more content…
End 5. Copy run start Create VLAN’s 1. Conf t 2. Vlan 1 3. Name (Faculty, Instructional, Administrative, Server) 4. End 5. Copy run start Assign ports to VLANs on all switches: 1. Enable 2. Conf t 3. Int gi0/1 4. Switchport mode access vlan 1 5. End 6. Copy run start Configure trunking between switches * Interface gi0/1 (gi0/2, etc., on every switch) * Switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q * Switchport mode trunk * Switchport trunk Make Switch1 as primary root bridge for all VLANs * Switch1(config)#spanning-tree vlan1 root primary Configure security for bogus BPDU 1. Enable 2. Conf t 3. Switch(config)#int gi0/1 4. switch(config-if)#spanning-tree bpduguard enable 5. end 6. copy run start * Spanning Tree Protocol (STP): Briefly explain the advantages and purpose of the STP. Administrators are having a difficult time placing switch 1 as the root. Provide a sample configuration for implementing SPT on the switches. Choose the mode you feel would be best suited for the environment and justify why. Switch 1 will need to be the root switch in the Springfield topology. Consider any security measures that can be implemented to protect the devices from bogus BPDUs. In local area networks (LANs) computers compete for the use of telecommunication paths all the time. If too many computers are trying to send data

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