Parthenon Research Paper

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In Athens, Greece there is a temple on an acropolis called the Parthenon. Although it is no longer a temple where people worship, it still attracts many tourists. Also, even though it is currently worn down, its ancient and magnificent beauty still shines through.
The Parthenon has 46 columns on its exterior and 23 total inner columns. It’s large foundations were made of limestone and its columns were made of Pentelic marble. These columns are 34 feet tall and it was one of the first times this type of marble was used. The Parthenon has a floor plan that is rectangular, a series of low steps on every side and a colonnade of Doric columns. The columns are eight by seventeen and surround the whole structure. All of these features make it a Doric peripteral temple. There is two interior rooms. The larger one, called the naos, housed a cult statue within it. The smaller room, called the opisthodomos, was used as a treasury.
The Parthenon was dedicated to Athena; the Grecian godess of wisdom and military victory. When the Parthenon was being built the Athenian Empire
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Although there is not any way of telling how much 469 silver talents is in today's current money, we do know that it cost one silver talent to pay the whole crew of one warship for a month. It cost one silver talent to build a trireme, which was one of the most advanced warships of the era. That is a lot of money! The Parthenon replaced an older temple of Athena that was destroyed by the Persians in the Persian invasion in 480 BCE. But, it has been changed many times since. In the last decade of the sixth century AD, it was converted into a Christian Church that was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In the early 1460s the Parthenon was turned into a Mosque. On September 27, 1687, an Ottoman ammunition dump that was ignited by Venetian bombardment exploded. This explosion damaged the Parthenon and its sculptures
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