Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venus Return

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Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venus Return also known as (PAPVR) is when the four pulmonary veins return oxygen-rich blood from the lungs back to the right atrium. PAPVR is more commonly diagnosed among children. This condition causes oxygen-rich blood to flow back into the lungs instead of forward to the rest of the body. PAPVR is a rare congenital heart defect that can either be total (TAPVR) or partial (PAPVR). If it is not diagnosed and treated early in life it can create extreme difficulties in their life and eventually might need to have a total heart transplant. PAPVR can affect people in many ways; however, it can become life threatening if not treated.
To begin with, PAPVR can be diagnosed during pregnancy but, more often isn 't diagnosed until after the baby is born. It is usually diagnosed during pregnancy with an ultrasound test that checks for birth defects and other conditions the baby might have. If the health care provider notices anything then they can request a fetal electrocardiogram to confirm the diagnosis. If the baby is born with no defects detected some symptoms can occur at birth or soon afterwards.
Additionally, using a stethoscope, a doctor will often hear a heart murmur caused by the blood blowing through the atrial septal defect. It is not uncommon for a murmur to not be detected right at birth. PAPVR isn 't hereditary but is a result of when the veins don 't come together and grow properly…

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