Partial-Birth Abortion Is The Procedure In Which The Abortionist

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Partial-birth abortion is the procedure in which the abortionist intentionally pulls the baby out the womb, feet first. During this procedure, the baby’s head is purposely left in the womb, in which the doctor then ruptures the baby’s brain using a long pair of scissors, suctioning it’s brain causing the skull to collapse. Resulting in the abortionist now delivering a completely dead baby. First off, the pros of partial-birth abortion. A survey back in 2005 by Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, came to a final conclusion based on the answers that most women who get abortions have them because of funds, which is totally understandable. For example, women who are financially stable at the beginning of the pregnancy can become…show more content…
Exactly. That’s why partial-birth abortion exists. So any mother who realizes a baby isn’t for them has the option to terminate pregnancy, rather than putting their health, and/or life in jeopardy to get rid an unborn baby. Now let’s switch over to the cons of partial-birth abortion. Any kind of abortion is murder… according to of course. Although the tiny human unborn baby hasn’t been born yet, life starts the minute conception happens. And all humans have a right to live, so what is the point of taking their life literally weeks away from your due date? Most importantly let 's consider the females who had sex but aren’t ready for the challenge to give birth to, and raise a little boy or girl. Although, some women can literally go the whole nine months without knowing their pregnant, others find out within days, or weeks. But still choose to get their abortions in the third-trimester… WHY? Despite the fact that about 1.3% of abortions are performed during that time period, it 's still unacceptable, the number should be 0%. In addition, partial-birth abortions surely can play a huge role on medical problems in the future for the mother who is receiving the abortion. The most important thing is that abortion is IMMORAL. Unacceptable. Insupportable. Shall this list continue? According to The Guttmacher Institute, half of all women who

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