Participant Observation Paper

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Many Sociologist believe that studying deviant behavior can be exciting, rewarding, and fun. However, the study of deviance can also be stressful, difficult and filled with difficulties that can be extremely challenging. There are many ways to research and study deviant behavior whether it be in covert or overt observation strategies. Covert observation is referred to as the study in which the researcher observes a social group and does not let the subjects know they are being studied (Inderbitzin, Bates, & Gainey, 2016, p. 575). Overt observation refers to public observation in which the researcher makes the social group aware that they are being observed and the researcher participates in the behavior (Inderbitzin, Bates, & Gainey, 2016, p. 577).…show more content…
Participant observation, “can be dangerous, emotionally and physically draining and quite simply very hard work” (Inderbitzin, Bates, Gainey, 2016, p. 95). When utilizing this type of research method, there are many advantages and disadvantages that do exist. For example, researcher Patricia Adler conducted a classic study of high levels of drug dealing and smuggling. She wasn’t a drug dealer herself; however, she later revealed that she had used marijuana and cocaine. The advantages to the study was the validity she gained. Adler experienced firsthand the deviant behavior which allowed her to learn the language, customs, and
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